Protest at the International Criminal Court

This protest is part of a Worldwide Protest initiated by the World Hazara Council.

Rules in the Netherlands:
1. No more than 100 people allowed in designated area that our handlers will guide you too. If we see that more than 100 people will join the protest, the organization will break up the protest and we will all leave the area of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The organization will make that call.

2. We are there to bring two letters to the mailbox of the international court, to meet and greet,  and to build our networks. We are not there to do anything else. Only four members of the organization are allowed to leave the designated area to drop the mail in the box. We want to kindly ask you to stay in the designated area so we can do this and create this media moment for our media campaign. This is important as we need to build pressure on the politicians to call for investigations on the crimes against humanity the Taliban are committing.

3. If people do not comply, we will ask assistance from the police directly without any discussion. We are there in peace and the police are our peacekeepers. If we feel uncomfortable in any way, we will break up the protest and leave. Our handlers will stay to assist the police until a call is given that the handlers have to leave, too.

4. Our handlers will wear fluorescent shirts with the logo of the on it.

5. We will not allow any amplified sounds. We want a peaceful and silent protest out of respect for the especially young children that died or are still fighting for their lives.

6. Location, the only allowed location. Please stay in this zone!

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