The Call for Justice project seeks to help Afghan civilians who are rarely heard and have been marginalized. The inhumane treatment of Taliban and lack of access to an impartial, unbiased, fair and independent judicial system has made life difficult for victims.

Afghanistan War Victims Voices (AWVV) is developing a professional database that centers on victim’s rights and serious crimes in Afghanistan. We believe that consistent follow up and more attention on the rights of victims can help reduce tension among the next generation of Afghans.

In particular, this project aims to address the impact of certain practices that target minorities, such as losing their lives during suicide attacks.

From the beginning of the project, AWVV and Genocide Watch will engage in:

  • creating a safe and secure online process for gathering facts
  • interviewing victims, their relatives and other eyewitnesses
  • contacting the ICC and sharing the updated information regarding our findings
  • following up with victims and witnesses about the progress of their cases and
  • providing guidelines for online security of victims and eyewitnesses.

We will evaluate the process of gathering facts and the load of cases we received monthly. The observer will drop by the locations to evaluate the execution of the project based on agreed upon measures.

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