Andalib Mushtari


I am Andalib Mushtari from Pasha-e minority of Kapisa province and I have multidimensional personality. I have a professional career, master degree holder from Japan in Development Policies, I am a cultural activist, lyric and University lecturer. I worked with different organizations (Government, Private Sector and International Developmental Programs) and published a poems book.


My wife also had a professional career, she has bachelor degree in midwifery and a 1 year working experience in a private hospital. We have 3 children (all girls, 5, 7, 9 years old).


Just before the collapse of Afghanistan, as it was expected that the previous government will breaking down soon, I tried to get India visa (the only single option to escape Afghanistan was issuing these visas), it was not available in normal procedures and I referred to black market and bought 5 visas for 5000$ (each visa=1000$) on the collapses day 15 Aug 2021. After collapse, the normal/commercial flights stopped and just after 10 days on 25th Aug 2021, India canceled all the visas issued for Afghans and I lost my money and also the single chance I had at that moment.


I survived for 7 months from Aug 2021 till Mar 2022 in Kabul and we faced with many threats due to my multidimensional personality. I worked in high positions and had relationship with foreigners and donors, I published a poem book and many poems of mine are used/composed by very famous Afghan singers, which is freely available in social media. I am from Pasha-e minority of Kapisa province where my tribe defeated the Taliban many times with huge loses. My wife is midwife.

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