“You can only have lasting peace based on justice”

Mahatma Gandhi.


The current fragile situation in Afghanistan has caused the most serious crimes against civilians. There is no system of fair trial and seeking justice for war victims under the Taliban’s authority.


The wide and grave human rights violation has been increased in Afghanistan. The taliban have committed the most brutal crimes against civilians such as killings, torture, inhumane treatment, rape, force displacement of Hazara minority groups from their homes, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention and taking hostages the civilians.


There are still many former Government officials that are now under threat from revenge from the Taliban. The suicide attacks against schools and mosques indicate the severity of such crimes (reference 1).


Furthermore, there are a vast number of refugee crises in Iran and Pakistan border lines against Afghans that are committed by the border police and other authorities (reference 2).


Children and women are the most vulnerable groups which are being marginalized. Fatima, a midwife from west of Kabul said: ,,I was studying hard and my family invested time and money until I could fulfill my dream and become a midwife. I wanted to help Afghan women who are living in far districts and have no access to health care services during child delivery. But the Taliban destroyed my dreams. They target Shiite and now my life as a member of this religious minority is endangered and I lock myself at home.”


Another mother in west of Kabul lost her husband, her son and daughter in three different suicide attacks in west of Kabul. She is the only survivor of the family.


The heavy load of inequality against the victims has excluded them in the society. Lack of access to domestic courts has disappointed them. Victims must be heard and be able to exercise their right of fair trial and have access to a transparent and speedy judicial procedure. But there are no such facilities and opportunities in the current situation. The taliban had and are practicing desert courts and executing individuals.


There is evidence that eye witnesses are vital providers in order to reveal the number of crimes against civilians. These cases must be filed, the victims shouldn’t be forgotten.


Afghanistan War Victims Voices (AWVV) organization is gathering the facts, stories and interviews with victims and witnesses to be able to manage and develop a sufficient data and file cases as representatives of victims regarding genocide, crimes aganist humanity and war crimes at International Criminal Court (ICC).


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