| 2021 – 2022 |

Afghanistan War Victims Voices is a non-governmental organization which was established in 2021 in the Netherlands. This organization has been formed by a domestic and international team of lawyers, journalists, and human rights activists to support the victims of war in Afghanistan.

In previous months, the World Hazara Council and Flight From Plight (UK) have joined the collaboration project. As you will understand, we are open to partnerships.

In addition, we have the support of the Genocide Watch international organization that plays a vital role in this initiative. We are working in the Alliance Against Genocide. This will be published on their website too the coming weeks.

The wide and grave human rights violation has been increased in Afghanistan. Taliban have committed the most brutal crimes against civilians in Afghanistan, including killings, torture, inhumane treatment, rape, force displacement of members of minority groups such as the Hazara from their homes, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention, and the taking of civilian hostages in the Panjshir valley.

Many former Afghan government officials, as well as former members of the Afghan military and Afghans who worked for and with foreign governments and NGOs, have been disappeared, tortured, and killed. Other such individuals remain under threat from the Taliban and remain in hiding or on the run.

Furthermore, a large number of crimes and transgressions have been committed by border police against Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan, where refugees remain in danger. We are also gathering all evidence and information in this arena.

We mainly function to collect the facts, evidence, and documents that indicate the violations against Afghan civilians, including civil activists, journalists, women, and children since the invasion of Taliban in August 2021.

Afghanistan is a signatory member state to the Rome Statute on 10 February 2003. Therefore, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has jurisdiction to investigate the situation and also prosecute the actors of such inhumane crimes in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan War Victims Voices supports war victims whose voices have not been heard. We file serious international crimes cases via expert lawyers in the international field in the ICC. AWVV works to promote the support and protection of human rights and accelerate the fair trial reviews of insidious war crimes cases.


We envision strengthening related networks and human rights organizations that are capable and have an effective role in protection against war victims as our objective.


Respect Human rights and human dignity through actions that give voices to civilians who are victimized by the most violent war crimes.

Transparency and protection of minority groups rights in the excluded communities.

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