Marcel Mulder

My journey started 19 March 2015. That day I watched a video of the brutal killing of Farkhunda and was intensely sad. Later that day I read the newspaper and saw that relatives of Farkhunda were living in my home-town.


I asked my friends and family to help me and together with the Dutch family of Farkunda we started our journey to get Farkhunda’s father, mother, sisters and brothers to Germany and Canada via diplomatic endeavors.


The family has been successfully integrated into the ‘Western society’.


Fast forward to June 2021: I was asked to help Farkhunda’s family out of harms ways as the Taliban was taking over the country. Farkhunda’s family was in big trouble as the Taliban was hunting for them…


That new episode of my Afghanistan endeavor is the basis of the founding of (with Razyia Masumi).


Seven years later: I am sad again and we are fighting against all odds to safe whoever we can.



recorded July ’21

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